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March 27, 2008
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The Tablet
Influential and international Catholic weekly published in the UK.

Independent news agency devoted to pro-life issues.

National Catholic Register
Nation's fastest-growing weekly on Catholic issues.

Osservatore Romano
Weekly English version of The Vatican newspaper.

PBS�s Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
Weekly news program on religion and spirituality

Radio 105 Live
Dynamic 24-hr broadcasts on the Church around the world.

Regular churchgoers shifting away from Iraq War and Bush
"50 percent of the respondents who attend religious services regularly said the United States did not do the right thing and should have stayed out of Iraq, while 44 percent said the United States was right to go to war. Regular churchgoers also said they think the Democratic party, rather than the Republican party, is more likely to make the right decisions about Iraq, with 42 percent siding with Democrats and 36 percent with Republicans. The same survey found churchgoers disillusioned with Mr. Bush in general. Fifty percent said they disapproved of the way he is handling his job as president while 42 percent approved.�  [NY Times]

The Word from Rome
John Allen's weekly column.

Traces Magazine
Monthly magazine about faith and culture published by the Communion & Liberation movement.

Zenit News
Catholic news agency based in Rome.

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Right Col - Top God At The Ritz

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