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March 27, 2008
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About Us


GODSPY is an online magazine for Catholics and other seekers. From politics to the arts, science to the economy, sexuality to ecology, GODSPY explores the ideas and experiences that reveal God�s presence in the world.


To learn more about our editorial philosophy, see our Mission Statement.

About the Website


We invite you to subscribe to Godspy's e-newsletter (just enter your email in the box at the top of the page), which will alert you to new features, columns, reviews and meditations, and the week's news items. In between, you can discuss Godspy content, or other topics, with other members in the Godspy Discussion Forums. It takes only a few seconds to register.


For more detailed information about our website policies, see the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Forums Rules of Conduct pages.



Publisher/Editor: Angelo Matera; Managing Editor: Lori Hadacek;
Design: Massarelli Design

General Manager: Anna Matera; Site Programming: Woodbourne Solutions


Contributing Editors: William Bole, Bill Christensen, Paul Chu, Elizabeth Douglas, Harold Fickett, Paul Green, David Griffith, Mark Lickona, Philip Mango, Jessica Mesman, David Morrison, Debra Murphy, John Murphy, John Romanowsky, Zoe St. Paul, Eric Scheske, David Scott, Jack Smith, Thomas Sullivan, Elizabeth Wirth, Ron Wall, John Zmirak.


Theological Advisor: Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete


You can reach the editorial staff at , and the business staff at . We welcome your comments and ideas.



If you're interested in writing for Godspy, feel free to contact us at . We're always looking for fresh voices, writers who can draw upon their personal experience to bring faith to life. If you would like to submit an existing article, we�ll take a look at it. But we can't guarantee we'll read or publish your work.




Godspy is looking for volunteers to moderate the various discussion forum sections. If you�re interested, please contact us at . If you�re interested in volunteering your time and/or expertise for any other purpose, please do contact us at . Your help is greatly appreciated.


Mailing Address



118 East 28th St., Suite #916

New York, NY 10016

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