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March 27, 2008
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January 3: Memorial Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus
St. Bernard of Clairvaux: "'The sweet Name of Jesus produces in us holy thoughts, fills the soul with noble sentiments, strengthens virtue, begets good works, and nourishes pure affections.'" [Being Catholic]

January 4: Memorial of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
"...Elizabeth attended the churches of her Italian friends where she was deeply impressed by the Catholic belief in the real presence. If this teaching about the Blessed Sacrament had been held in the Episcopal church in New York at the time, Elizabeth Seton's story might have been very different, for this doctrine was at the very heart of her conversion." [National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton]

January 5: Memorial of Bishop John Neumann
"'A man must be ready, for death comes when and where God wills it.'" [SBC]

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Epiphany celebrates the appearance in the world of the divine Light in which God has reached out to the faint light of human reason.

The Gospel for Sunday, January 8, 2006
The Epiphany of the Lord
Mt 2:1-12

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it" (Jn 1:5).

The same light which led the shepherds to the stable in Bethlehem shows the way, on the day of Epiphany, to the Magi who have come from the East to worship the King of the Jews, and it shines brightly for all men and women and for all peoples who long to meet God.

In his spiritual quest, the human being already enjoys a guiding light: it is reason, through which he can find the way, although gropingly (cf. Acts 17:27), towards his Creator. But since it is easy to lose the way, God himself has come to his aid with the light of Revelation, which attained its fullness in the Incarnation of the Word, the eternal Word of truth.

Epiphany celebrates the appearance in the world of this divine Light in which God has reached out to the faint light of human reason. Today's solemnity suggests the close relationship between faith and reason, the two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth, as I recalled in the Encyclical Fides et ratio.

Christ is not only the light that illumines man's way. He also became the path for his uncertain steps towards God, the source of life. One day he will say to the Apostles: "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but by me. If you had known me, you would have known my Father also; henceforth you know him and have seen him" (Jn 14:6-7). And in response to Philip's objection, he will add: "He who has seen me has seen the Father ... I am in the Father and the Father in me" (Jn 14:9,-11). The epiphany of the Son is the epiphany of the Father.

Was this not the reason, after all, for Christ's coming into the world? He himself declared that he had come to "make the Father known", to "explain" to people who God is, to reveal his face, his "name" (Jn 17:6). Eternal life consists in meeting the Father (cf. Jn 17:3).

Down the centuries the Church continues the mission of her Lord: her primary task is to make the Father's face known to all people by reflecting the light of Christ, lumen gentium, the light of love, truth and peace.

Conscious of this apostolic and missionary task which belongs to all the Christian people, but especially to those whom the Holy Spirit has set as Bishops to govern the Church of God (cf. Acts 20:28), we go as pilgrims to Bethlehem to join the Magi from the East as they offer gifts to the newborn King.

But he is the true gift: Jesus, God's gift to the world. He is the One we must receive, in order to bring him in turn to everyone we will meet on our way. For everyone he is the epiphany, the manifestation of God the hope of man, of God the liberation of man, of God the salvation of man.

January 2, 2006

Excerpted from POPE JOHN PAUL II�S HOMILY, on the SOLEMNITY OF THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD, Wednesday, 6 January 1999.

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01.02.06   Godspy says:
Epiphany celebrates the appearance in the world of the divine Light in which God has reached out to the faint light of human reason.

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